kindle direct publishing Make over $1000 per month

kindle direct publishing Make over $1000 per month


we will start with a simple common Intro about kindle direct publishing, we’re all familiar with what Amazon is ? that huge online retailer company( you probably heard about the Amazon KDP too, this stands for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon created & launched a Self-publishing interface to help authors sell their books. either you are an author & you want to sell a digital version of your book, or you just want to sell some low content or no content ebooks, this platform is the right place. So How do I start?

I will be focusing on low content books & no content books in this article.

amazon kdp

Kindle direct publishing  website interface

First Step: Find a suitable niche.

it’s a pretty basic thing to know, the most common way to find niches is through  amazon search you simply type “notebook” on the search bar a check the results then look for books that has a low BSR (best seller’s rank ), the BSR is not actually appearing in the search you’ll need to click on the desired notebook & scroll down to the product’s details

amazon BSR

so each time you’ll need to click on every product scroll down to check to BSR, another easy way to do that is to  install a tool called

DS Amazon Quick View a free chrome extension that allows you to show a small box that contains BSRs  of each product on the same search page
amazon Bsr tool

this will save you time.

there are many other tools out there (extensions, web apps, cloud apps…etc) our main purpose is to explain a free way to find a good niche. the other thing is the search results, the number of search results must be under 1000,(more results means more competition in that niche)

a good niche is :

  1. low BSR niche( under 300,000)
  2. low search results (under 1000)

Second Step: Decide what you want to create (design).

  • Creating a Paperback: requires less effort than you think, after choosing your niche you’ll need to create two separate Pdf files. The interior & the cover, if you’re familiar with Adobe Products like illustrator or photoshop this will be very easy for you to do.
  • Creating an E-book: it’s an ebook that people can actually read online or buy directly from amazon, this ebook must have two parts the manuscript & the cover.

one last thing to point out is that Amazon offers you a free online cover creator that I don’t recommend using.

Third Step: Designing your ebook/ Paperback.

  • the manuscript (interior): there are lots of online platforms that offer you to download various kinds of interiors for free & I always use Bookbolt interior generator.
  • the paperback  ( cover): you can Either use  Adobe Products like illustrator, photoshop, InDesign… or use some online platform like Canva ( easy to use platform that offers you a huge library of items to put on your cover using the drag & drop feature).

Using BookBolt ( paid Platform):

  • BookBolt is an all-in-one platform that claims to be the most Comprehensive Low Content Book Publishing Software On The Market.
  • Keyword/Product Research: search for keywords for your low/no content books.
  • Cover/Interior Designer: let you create a unique cover /interior in no time
  • Amazon Search Volume: gives you an overview of the search results about keywords or niches
  • KDP Spy: allows you to find valuable information such as price, BSR, product rating, estimated sales, and estimated revenue for each low or no content book that has been uploaded to KDP. you can quickly find niches that are trending & how much revenue they are bringing in for these products. This will let you make more sales with your own unique designs on your low/no content books.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: great support to solve encountered issues concerning the platform features
  • Puzzle Creation Software Included: only available in the pro version allows you to create puzzle books( activity books).

this platform has two pricing plans  Newbie plan for :$9.99 per month & the pro plan for: $19.99/month

you can access the interior generator for free using this link: BookBolt interior Generator

you don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to, I know a huge load of people that are making money using the free methods & they literally use

  1. Canva
  2. Bookbolt interior generator.

If you feel like you have some valuable information that needs to be added here please post that In the comments below.


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