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Tip [Sticky] What are the best web hosting providers in 2022?

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When we talk about web hosting, we must consider 3 major things:

  1. Price: How much I will pay per month or per year to host my website(s)?
  2. Features: What is the main feature included in my package? (storage, bandwidth,SSL..etc.)
  3. Reputation: Customer support, users reviews of this service.

There many other things to check when you are looking for these kinds of services but, when you put some effort into it, you'll end up with a good service that suits your needs 

I will list here the best service providers that will be updated occasionally. [Updated:24/01/2022]

Name Starts From Overall review Bandwidth Storage space
Fastcomet $2.95  9.6/10 (Superb) Unlimited  15 GB
InterServer $2.50  8.8/10 (Great) Unlimited  Unlimited
Host Armada $3.99  7.7/10 (Great) Unlimited  15 GB
Hostinger $0.99  9.2/10 (Superb) 100.04 GB  30 GB
Virtono(New) $0.99-$1.92  9.4/10 (Superb) Unlimited  5 GB -10 GB
Namecheap(New) $0.99  9.2/10 (Superb) 100.04 GB  30 GB
InMotion (New) $2.29 - $12.99  9.6/10 (Superb) Unlimited  100 GB
Liquidweb (New) $9.50   9.8/10 (Superb) 2 TB -10 TB  15-800 GB

 * is more about full management platform for you website, you don't need to worry about hosting issues anymore just focus on your content online.

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Posted : 09/04/2021 12:18 am
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The cost of web hosting services plays a major part in our buying decision.  Most of the time the storage, support and response time and up time plays a very important role in our choice.  The simple rule is choose a web hosting service that fulfills your needs.  The best in the market need not really be the best for us. 

Posted : 14/06/2021 11:56 am
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