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INXY – dedicated servers, content delivery network and other hosting services

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Dear forum users!


We are glad to present INXY HOSTING marketplace!


<a href=" removed link ?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=post&utm_tronictalk=smm&utm_term=main" target="_blank" rel="noopener">INXY HOSTING is the unique marketplace where you can choose from the vast array of hosting services, getting the most advanced solutions for your budget and ask for help and advice of quality engineers.


Why choose INXY HOSTING?

  • Convenient server catalogue with vast number of solutions. Many providers in one place, just come, compare price and performance and buy.
  • INXY offers a large scope of pre-built CDN packages. Top CDN providers. Compare geo coverage, prices and CDN features and buy everything in hosting marketplace.
  • Many hosting services in one place - forget about hopping around and keeping access credentials of 10+ sites to control everything.
  • All providers are tested and only the best end up in our marketplace.
  • Benefit from double support - from our team and from any provider directly.


Choose us and you will also benefit from:

  • Free consultation on any hosting-related question from quality specialists.
  • Different payment methods.


Your advantages with dedicated servers:

  • High-performance brand servers with discounts up to 50%!
  • Our data-centers are in Europe, the USA, Asia and Russia with many more locations to come.
  • Best net providers, including Tier-1 - Level3, GlobalCrossing, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Tata Communications, IPTransit, IPTP Networks, PCCW Global, Cogent Communications.
  • We can provide up to 40 gbps for a single server.
  • For some servers we give up to 8 IPs for free.


600+ Servers Catalogue ➨ <a href=" removed link /product-category/dedicated-servers/?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=post&utm_tronictalk=smm&utm_term=dedicated">


Your advantages with our CDN solutions:

  • Free test period up to 1 month!
  • Our professional expertise of CDN. Examine your project for free with us and get the most suitable offer that you will benefit from!
  • Best providers of the world - AhCDN, EdgeCast (Verizon), Highwinds, UCDN and CDNnow with more to come!
  • Global coverage (including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Russia and CIS).
  • Quick connection - our engineers will stay in touch with you and contact you as soon as possible for connection.
  • We provide you with free CDN tutorials on how to connect and our assistance on every stage, from correct choice to tuning everything up.


Compare CDN Providers ➨ <a href=" removed link /product-category/cdn/?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=post&utm_tronictalk=smm&utm_term=cdn">


Other goodies:

  • Order a managed server.
  • Game & Software Content Delivery
  • Extremely Fast & Reliable NVMe Servers
  • Instant Dedicated Servers
  • DNS service from Verizon.
  • CDN solutions for eCommerce
  • Hosting audit service - examine your current infrastructure and optimize your costs with us.
  • Colocation services - host your equipment in the most secure and powerful datacenters with us.
  • P2P video distribution - for large audiences there is clear benefit - you can save on CDN bandwidth and as well increase performance.


We will be glad to answer all your questions here on forum, in live chat on the official website <a href=" removed link ?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=post&utm_tronictalk=smm&utm_term=main"> removed link or in Skype


INXY - it is our duty to make business enjoyable!

Posted : 19/08/2022 11:39 am