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Question How to Install 32 bit Softwares on 64-bit Windows 10 ?

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Rayan M
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Install 32 bit Software on 64-bit Windows 10- Easy Steps:

If you prefer to watch a video here it is:

  1. Click on the Start and search for Control Panel.
  2. Choose “Uninstall a Program” from Programs menu of Control Panel.
  3. Uninstall a program
  4. Go to Turn Windows features on or off.
  5. Turn Windows Features on or off
  6. Windows features on or off dialog box will pop-up now.
  7. Scroll and Locate Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  8. Enable IIS
  9. Windows will download several files and update the process. wait till it applies all the Changes.
  10. Now that the Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager is enabled Search for IIS
  11. Once you locate the app, click on that and open it.
  12. On the Left Panel, under the Connections, Dropdown the option. Internet Information Services(IIS)
  13. Select Application Pools from the dropdown and then select DefaultAppPool.
  14. Right-click on the DefaultAppPool and click on the option “Advanced Settings“.
  15. Advanced Settings pop-up will appear now. Under the General option, you will find “Enable 32 bit applications“.
  16. Dropdown the options area that is available for 32 bit applications and change it from False to True as shown in the below image.

Finally, Click OK.


It is now enabled. You can start installing your 32 bit applications now.

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Posted : 21/11/2021 12:54 am