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[Closed] Forum Rules  

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  1. Please be polite to other members at all times.
  2. Please ensure that your posts are helpful.
  3. Poor quality posts are not allowed.
  4. Short posts such as "Great post" & "Thanks for sharing" do not help the forum.
  5. If you wish to thank another member please make the effort to say why you are thanking them & how their post was useful to you.
  6. When replying to a thread please give your opinion or add something new to the discussion, there is little to be gained from simply repeating what has already been said in the thread.
  7. When a member asks a question, please don't reply suggesting that they search on Google or post a link to a website, unless you have something else helpful to add to the discussion.
  8. This is an English language forum - only English language text is allowed for now.
  9. Please do not copy and paste articles, portions of articles or posts from other sites, if you want to discuss an article, describe it in your own words and provide a link to it.
  10. Advertising is only allowed in  "Advertising & Promotion" in the specific advertising forum sections. 
  11. Discussion of and links to the following types of content are prohibited: prescription drugs, gambling, casinos or anything of an illegal nature.
  12. This is a family friendly community.
  13. Links to sites that are adult or offensive in nature are prohibited, as are personal attacks or libellous statements.
  14. Please report any post that does not comply with our guidelines.
  15. In most instances each household, each computer / device and each individual is allowed only one account on Tronic talk Forum. Duplicate accounts are only permitted with the express approval of the Forum Admin.
  16. Users can not use anything to mask their real IP address such as proxies, VPN's or TOR to signup or use this forum.
  17. Any and all information (including personal information) shared by you on this Forum is your sole responsibility and we will not be held in any way responsible for it.
  18. You must have made twenty posts or reach the level 2 in the Member Reputation and Titles on the forum before you can PM other members.
  19. Activating the Pm system you must contact the Admin or post in the "PM resquest" in the specific forum.
  20. The PM system must not be used for unsolicited / spam advertising.
  21. Any User Reported  for spam advertising will be banned from using the Pm system for (30 days --> 1 report , 60 days --> 3 report ,  permanent--> more than 3 reports)
  22. Signatures are limited to a maximum of 300 Characters, maximum of 5 links and a maximum of 1 image totalling no more that            468 x 60px in size. This helps ensure that the forum stays clean and ensures that the forum doesn't become too slow for users who do not have speedy internet connections. Users should also try and keep the signature as compact as possible by not having blank lines in the signature or spreading text or links over multiple lines. Images should not be heavily animated (or flashing banners) and should not be excessive in terms of file size.
  23. Once a member posts on TronicTalk  that post becomes part of the discussion thread and removing that post could interrupt the flow of conversation in the thread. Whilst we are happy to delete content that includes very personal or identifying information, we reserve the right to refuse requests to delete or edit forum posts or member accounts.
  24. Posts made on this forum are the responsibility of the member who made the post and Tronictalk is not liable for members' posts. As you do not know the motivation, skills or qualifications of anyone offering opinions or advice on the forum, you should not consider those posts to be professional advice and not use them instead of professional advice.
  25. These rules are subject to change any time, with or without notice.

Thanks for reading!

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