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Question Can anyone advise me on the best way: videos, books, or online tutorials (courses) to learn PHP faster?

Rayan M
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Can anyone advise me on the best way: videos, books, or online tutorials (courses) to learn PHP faster?

This question Is asked frequently by people all over the internet, & the answer is quite simple, but there are few things to consider though:

  1. are you willing to invest in that or just learn for free (free resources)?
  2. what is your current level of this language?
  3. what are you willing to do with it, when you learn?

to be honest, every new skill learning (language learning requires) some effort, you'll need to invest time, much more time than you think, & money too if you intend to get various resources and premium help with issues you'll be facing on you earning process.

the fastest & best way to learn PHP is to hire an instructor, to teach you the basics of the language, & guide you all the way, but let's assume you're on a tight budget or you only need the free possible ways.

your best option then is Youtube you simply search: PHP Programming Tutorial

here is my strategy in learning 

  1. do some research on youtube about PHP
  2. write down the key points that most courses are explaining 
  3. Go through some courses that explain everything at least check 10 courses & evaluate them.
  4. Pick one unique course that you think answers all you key points that you already wrote down.
  5. when you go through the course allow some time for yourself to rest.
  6. best practice 6 hours every day (2h for learning 4h for practicing).
  7. when you face something not clear try to look for answers in other courses (2 different people explaining the same issue, make it understandable) 
  8. at the end of the course, you'll understand the concept of PHP programming in general.
  9. create a project to practice & test yourself. then evaluate yourself again.
  10. the make your decision either to take another course or just keep practicing. 

the whole thing is about practicing what you learn, you can join forums specific to Php programming, and each time you need assistance people will help you out.

Final Thoughts: the learning process becomes easier & easier as long as you continue the course, perseverance is the key. never give up even if you are an absolute beginner, and keep in mind that 6h daily is more than enough to master any Programming language, keep that for at least 3 months while doing all your other daily activities.

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PHP is applicable to differents fields so we can say PHP and Symphony, PHP and ReactJS, PHP and ViewJS, PHP and NodeJS, PHP and PhantomJS so it varies from technique you want to learn.

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If you really want to learn PHP, You need paid courses. Do not rely on free courses they always hide some key factors to master PHP. In addition, there will be small or no projects for you to practice what you have learnt.

While trying to learn PHP as a beginner, I bought a course from udemy. Search for PHP FOR BEGINNER WITH CMS PROJECT BY EDWIN DIAZ.