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Read this before posting on this forum

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This is our marketplace where buyers and sellers will be able to get in touch with each other. 

What can you sell/buy here: 

  • Services
  • Designs
  • Articles

For sellers :

  1. Post your offers in details.
  2. Add the relevant prefix and specify your offer in the title. 
  3. More details should be in the thread. 
  4. Do not deliver your product or service until you receive your payment. 
  5. Failaing to deliver on time or selling misleading content may lead to banning from the marketplace and the entire forum if this happens many times.
  6. Price may vary from: 50Tcs to 5000Tcs  must not exceed ($5)
  7. For offers that are over $5 (premium offers) sellers must be premium members (noble member :1000 posts) or buy it for $10 one time fee.

For buyers :

  1. Read carefully about what you want to buy. 
  2. Ask questions. Get in touch with the seller. 
  3. Pre-paid offers are more secure & refunded
  4. You need to have credits to buy a service. (1000 for 1$)
  5. Premium members are more talented and more trustworthy.
  6. Please contact the seller before reporting. 
  7. Admins and moderators won't interfere until you report. 
  8. Refundable services are reported within 24h Max.
  9. Premium offers are either client satisfaction or refunded
  10. Extending delivery time is better when the service is not ready yet. 

These are some basic rules and tips to help you out with this forum 

Posted : 28/02/2021 9:15 pm