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What is Movio?

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AI has made it easy for us, for those of you that are not familiar with these kind of software I will make a brief intro on how it works.

the app name is Movio, you may check it out in there official website : it is actually an awesome tool to make spokesperson videos by just typing text.

You can easily Transform simple texts into professional videos in minutes. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long.

  • Record real voice clips and upload them to create video clips with your character.
  • Realistic voices in popular languages on your fingertips.
  • More choices are coming as well!
  • Combine several clips into one complete video.
  • Make end-to-end videos as easy as making PowerPoints.
  • Each video comes in full HD (1280*720) resolution and you can freely download them from the platform.
  • Each video gets a dedicated video sharing page.
  • Easily share the video with your colleagues or clients.
  • One-stop control of texts, images or shapes directly in Movio.
  • No more tool-switching or video editing.
  • Pick or upload your favorite music to complete

the app has 3 plans

Free Plan : Great for testing to see what is it about before paying anything

  • Unlimited video creation (with watermark)
  • Access to all characters
  • 1080p video resolution.

Essential Plan : Great for business starters or Freelancers

  • 10 Minutes Without watermark
  • $30 Per month
  • All Free benefits
  • Extra Minutes available
  • API Access

Enterprise Plan : Not recommended unless you have an established business & willing to get more done.

  • All Essential benefits
  • Larger volume of minutes
  • Batch API requests
  • Priority support
  • Access to premium services
Posted : 17/08/2022 12:53 am