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TronicTalk is an online community where you earn virtual currency for making posts and for referring other members. You can use the TroniCoin (virtual currency) to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional currencies.

The TroniCoin is Now activated... Thank you all for Being Patient 

[Sticky] Tronicoin , the Tronictalk virtual currency & making money  

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Hello mates, 

you might be wondering how the tronicoins will help you earn money online , well there are several ways to make money online using Tronicoins

  1. exchanging tronicoins with real money (every 100 is equal to one dollar (100 Tc = 1$).
  2. advertise you website or blog & get quality traffic to your business using tronicoins (details will be announced soon).
  3. buy/sell digital products using the Tronicoins (details will be announced soon).
  4. buy/sell services using the Tronicoins (details will be announced soon).
  5. participate in contests,published by other members.
  6. ...etc