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Simplest & common ways to make money online  

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Taking Surveys : rating [1/5]

You can earn some money over the internet through a questionnaire or surveys that are provided by some companies in the internet, registration is required in order to participate. then check constantly your email for any approved requests, usually  these companies pay one to three dollars for each of the survey taken.

there are a huge load of websites that are just scams & not legit , so be careful , & check the reviews people made about these websites , I wanted to put a list here , But I wasn't pretty sure about these websites because I never used them myself

Quantity of time               : huge load of time 

Quantity of money earned : few dollars/day

Testing websites : rating [2/5]

internet users can get a decent amount of money through an inspection and testing for some websites; where the user can access to the entire site to test  the navigation, and implement any operation that are available on the website ( sales and purchases, contact customers...) and then give feedback to the owner of the site, usually up this examination takes 15 to 45 minutes  depending on the website.

Quantity of time               : (15 to 45 min)  time 

Quantity of money earned : 15 to 100 dollars/day ( more if you are a Pro)

Selling Things : rating [3/5]

This consist on selling product or goods that you already have, these product doesn't have to be new or your own, all you need to have is the licence to sell it if you already bought it somewhere else . you can sell old things that you no longer want , like old video games , books ..etc. or you can buy things in auctions and resell them as you own.

Quantity of time               : small amount of time 

Quantity of money earned : 1 to 50 dollars/day (the more you sell  the more you earn)

Social Media : rating [3/5]

you can earn money using social media in many ways ,the  first & best one is managing accounts , what this means is that you manage an account for a specific individual or a company, but this well require you to have a decent reputation in social media.

the other thing that you can create a groupe or a page of a specific niche , an try to engage with people by helping them in that specific niche or giving them freebies from time to time , & when you feel like you have some audience you can either promote thing for sale , or find companies that will pay you a commission after by promoting some of their products.   

Quantity of time               : requires time ( more presence in the social network)

Quantity of money earned : 0 to 100 dollars/day

Create a Blog: rating [4/5]

creating a personal Blog on the internet in order to make money can be a time consuming process, but it will help you get some passive income by publishing advertising links on this blog, which will increase the amount of profits earned by the user as more readers visit your blog in a daily basis, and if your blog posts good contents and has many fans, this could bring you more profit buy the companies that will try to contact you to post their products regularly or your blog , this will lead to a decent recurring revenue sins that your earn for each sale with the links on your blog.

Quantity of time               : time consuming in the beginning , less time later on (hiring someone)

Quantity of money earned : 0 in the start , 100s or even 1000s later on ( if you are persistent ).

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