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Wearing 2 or 3 mask

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Shane Dunk
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Does Wearing 2 Or 3 Masks Offer Better Protection Against COVID-19 Spread?

Posted : 01/02/2021 12:13 pm
Rayan M
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🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 , I don't think so.

Posted : 01/02/2021 12:50 pm
Adriana Rick
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Two masks may provide greater protection from the spread of the novel coronavirus and it depends on the quality of the masks and the way they’re worn.

Posted : 02/02/2021 11:36 am
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One has to follow social distancing, proper hand wash and wearing of masks to protect against the spread of the virus in addition to boosting one's immunity with supplements or natural food.  Double masks are being worn now for better protection.  It is better to stay indoors until the severity of the wave decreases.

Posted : 14/06/2021 3:55 pm
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I wear a three-ply mask over a surgical mask whenever I go outside.  I hope this will give me adequate protection.

Posted : 16/06/2021 5:20 pm