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Do you like to learn new skills?

Adriana Rick
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Do you like to learn new skills? Can you give an example of something that you have learned?

Topic starter Posted : 03/02/2021 1:36 pm
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During this lockdown, I have learned to make useful products for my garden from waste materials.  It is so satisfying to see the new planters that I made from waste bottles and crates.  I have started growing greens for our consumption in my kitchen garden.

Posted : 14/06/2021 5:00 pm
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I am trying my hand at calligraphy and it is really interesting.  I have been tapping on keyboard and keypads over the years now that my handwriting has not been up to the mark.  With my new skill now I can showcase my handwriting.  I am sending these personalized handwritten wishes for my friends and family.

Posted : 15/06/2021 2:12 pm
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Video editing is the new skill that I am trying to master in the hope of churning out interesting videos for my youtube channel.  I want to mix live action videos and 2D animation.  Children love such videos and it would be fun  to make educational videos.

Posted : 16/06/2021 9:36 am