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[Solved] Affiliate marketing

Shane Dunk
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How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

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Posted by: @iamzmi

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yes! It's possible, most affiliate marketer actually starts out like that. these are the most common ways you can get started making money with affiliate marketing without a penny

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is one of the greatest methods to get started with affiliate marketing, it's super easy

Facebook allows you to have about 5000 friends, so you've got yourself free potential customers of 5000 people that you can start with. Don't spam them or inbox them affiliate links. You're going to build relationships with them and provide mutual trust to those people.

 you'll end up building a network of friends that will be converted into organic traffic. This is the easiest & safest way to gain lifetime affiliate customers. 

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is my special preferred way. It's such a great platform since I can upload a video now and I keep making money off of that same video in the future. It's a completely free platform – all you need to do is create good content & YouTube does the rest.
It's certainly important as an affiliate, to focus on a unique niche in your videos. If you just upload videos about random stuff, you're most likely going to struggle to make affiliate commissions. Typically, the affiliates that do well on YouTube are making very particular videos like reviews, demos, and tutorials.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing on Instagram is an alternative incredible method for affiliate marketers with no money. as we all know Instagram is primarily about building an audience and then making your offers. On YouTube, we can build an audience and start making affiliate offers in the meantime, but Instagram is more similar to Facebook that's why you'll have to build an audience first.

 Final advice :

Once you start earning some money with your suitable affiliate marketing strategy, then you can invest some of It into paid methods courses, to learn advanced skills or ads to reach more people. But for now, just do the first step and start with one of these approaches. 

Keep in mind that all these methods will require some hard work and dedication, to avoid this you'll need to hire people which we can't afford especially if we're starting with no money