About Us

Hi everyone, my name is Rayan M and I am the Creator of this Website, we provide  here our best articles and the most useful  tips in many fields . We will introduce you to the most  popular and useful aspect of how to learn  in the Internet market world , share the important and necessary information about Engineering , and help you find the most suitable  answers for your questions that serve you well.

Alternatively, the site is going to share the effective Engineering tips and tricks with you so that you can build and conduct your learning strategies strongly and successful.

On this website, you’re going to learn:


  • Best Learning approaches & Pros /cons to make your choice easier
  • Best ways to grow your knowledge.
  • Master the engineering field that you like perfectly.
  • Answer your questions with & help you understand.

Internet & Making Money:

  • How to start a profitable blog or niche website
  • How to use available Digital app & software to grow your business
  • How to get traffic to your site and monetize it
  • …etc

I have been  in the field since 2011. For 9 years, I was doing online marketing part-time, while still keeping a day job

in Engineering field .

My hobbies?

I have done a lot of different things online, but my main success and expertise is how to make money online & grow your business.

I love blogging and niche marketing. It’s a simple business model that only grows over time, your website gets stronger, your traffic grows, and so does your income.

So I would love to share my experience with you, and that’s exactly why I’ve started this site “tronictalk”.

Additionally, you can follow me on YouTube, I put out regular training videos on my channel there as well.

What To Do Next?

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