5 keys to Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

5 keys to Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

5 keys to Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


  1. Build audience (turn followers into customers).

This is one of the best ways that for influencers to convert their traffic into buyers. If your Instagram is full of beautiful pictures & stories, that people like to see, read & share, then be sure that you have a great audience on your Instagram Page, all you need to do then is try as harder as you can to get engagements, then embed your Store link in your bio, or include it in your stories.

Instagram audience

  1. Use coupon codes

Every 5 to 10 posts include a product that you promote post some reviews & coupon codes regularly be honest in your reviews because people that buy your product will find eventually that it was a fake review. Influencers get exclusive coupons that no one else has, that’s why they sell well. If it’s AN exclusive coupon code that you have, then it’s an extra attractive method because the discount will be more than a standard coupon code.

  1. Sharing your Daily activities matters.

Travelers for example manage to create AN Instagram page full of lovely shoots in various locations around the world. these are called attention grabbers, people send messages and comment on the posts asking where is that place.


daily routine


  1. Shoot your own footage

This would probably sound weird but the main purpose of that is to give an extra real touch to your products. If you are the one selling the merchandise or have titled the image yourself, it’s extra real and extra most likely to lead to a purchase.

Shoot your own footage

  1. Use Instagram stories as a spotlight

Since the introduction of Instagram stories, it’s become incredibly useful as a peek into the day-to-day lives of a variety of the foremost modern Instagrammers out there. you should keep in mind that a huge load of people view only the stories & go away so basically if you have some kind ok hook in your story then everyone goes there will become a customer or at least a follower.

Instagram story

Sponsored posts on Instagram are another great tool to increase your followers and engagements on specific posts. You will be ready to target your audience with specific demographics location, interests, behaviors, getting extra clicks on a specific post, come when you a run campaign for your Instagram page via Google Adwords. while keeping an eye on your conversion rate and budget, and also doing a keyword analysis properly. you can hire someone to do that if you don’t know how to do it.

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