How to Start a WordPress Blog For Free 2022

How to Start a WordPress Blog For Free 2022

Starting a WordPress Blog was never been easier, In this article we will cover the entire process of how to perfectly establish an amazing Blog, we will also provide you with the most effective WordPress templates & themes to speed up the process. you’ll also find here listed so many sources to make sure your blog is set properly for search engines & SEO, like: Google & Bing.

start a WordPress blog 2022

Step by Step to Start a WordPress blog in 2022

When you decide to create that unique window & open it to the world to share with people your thoughts and ideas, it is very common that you want to use a secure, easy & fast way to do a perfect job for you.

luckily we are here to guide you through the process, and give you useful tips to be able to setup & manage your blog for free, we will also walk you though the step by step guide of how to monetize your blog after you finish establishing it the right way.

Tronictalk has a forum to allow our members to engage with each other, & solve common issues they face while creating their blog.

Register a Custom Domain Name

Choose your domain name

Domain name is the most important things that you should take care of, because it will always be your Permanente address that people will type each time they come to your blog, so it has to be very unique and specific to the niche of your blog, assuming that you are creating a Travel blog, you need to write down ideas about travel & each time you come up with a good & catchy name you should check it’s availability before proceeding.

How to find a catchy domain name for your WordPress blog

there are few thing to consider while researching you may for instance:

  1. Try your best to get .Com or .NET
  2. Use keywords related to your blog niche .
  3. Keep it as short as possible to make sure people remember it fast .
  4. Make it easy to pronounce and spell.
  5. Keep it unique and brandable.
  6. Don’t use hyphens and dashes.
  7. Avoid doubling letters in the domain name

Where do I get a domain name:

well there are a huge load of providers out there I will list them below, but keep in mind that each of these providers differs that the other I’m talking about the registration of the domain name & the renewing cost.

Registration fees: the fees that you pay of the first time you buy you domain name

Renewing fees: are the fees that you pay for renewing your domain name the following years.

Platforms like Bluehost & Hostinger offers a free domain registration in the first year when you choose one of their hosting plans, this is great for people who want to have a single dashboard for their blog. otherwise you can register your domain in a platform & host it in another platform, the same thing that I did for my SEO tools website, I bought a domain from Hostinger & hosted it on a

by the way , is an amazing platform that offers $100 credits only to test their platform, ( I don’t know if this offer still available).

I pay $5 per month for hosting my website in Vultr Server.

Vultr pricing
I usually deposit $10 before my credits are consumed

List of some Reputable domain name providers

*Liquidweb offer is for a managed WordPress hosting, that’s why it’s costly more than the other platforms, “Managed” for WordPress means that the platform handle all basic hosting administrative tasks, such as installing WordPress, automated daily backups, WordPress core updates and server-level caching.

Vultr in the other hand is offering a server hosting for as low as $5/Mo,

Note: You always need to check the full detailed feature of each plan, all these platform will provide you with many options, choose only what you need, you can always upgrade later on.

Install and Setup WordPress

Installing WordPress was never been easier, especially when you host you website on a platform like Hostinger or Bluehost


  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  3. Click the Install button.
Bluehost Dashboard


  • Login into your hosting account
  • and at the top menu select Hosting.
  • Then click Manage next to the your domain
Hostinger dashboard

Once Installation is complete you can now access & manage your WordPress website via WordPress Dashboard.

Design Your WordPress Blog

Designing your blog will depend on what you need & what you want it to be or look like in this section I will help you answer a few questions regarding this issue.

Choose a theme:

there are two types of theme you probably already know, the premium one that are sold on platforms like Envato market, this is a marketplace where people offer their designed themes for sale that usually ranger from $29-$69. when you buy a theme there you get about 6 months support from the developer & also a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with a feature in the bought Item.

things you need to reconsider before choosing a theme especially a premium theme:

  • Your theme should be responsive
  • Mobile friendly
  • Loads fast on all devices

luckily all modern designs are fully responsive & mobile friendly, how ever you’ll need to check that for yourself before buying the them, Envato market offers a preview feature to check the theme online to see how it will look like on a website.

Read more in this article: Top 5 best themes for your blog

For those who prefer the free version you can log into your WordPress dashboard and go to appearance them theme , WordPress offers a huge load of free themes to use on your website for free. but most of them has all the features required to launch an amazing website. The only difference between Free & Premium themes is that the premium ones grant you access to edit and customize everything without restrictions, free themes in the other hand will always have something missing that you only have access to when you upgrade to a premium version.

Install  WordPress plugins:

Plugins in WordPress are addons that you install to add extra features that are necessary for your theme or just to make a good website.

you’ll need to install a form generating plugins ” contact 7″ is the best one for this task. you’ll also need an SEO plugin such as “Yoast SEO” or “all in one SEO” you can use the free version of these plugins it does a perfect job for you website. just install only the plugins you need, because this will slow you’re blog when it loads.

Create necessary  WordPress Pages:

All pages has at least five pages

  • Home page
  • Blog page
  • Contact us page
  • Terms & Conditions page
  • Privacy policy page

All these pages are easy to create, the last two pages ” terms” & “privacy policy” are generated online for free.

check this thread for free online page generators: Free terms & Privacy policy generators

Create your First blog post:

Now let’s start creating some content. If you have no Idea about how to start writing, go to Jarvis & generate content for free ( you get access to an AI content generator with 10000 credits for free).

Visit the AI Content generator here: Jasper.

Next time we will try to cover more Cool tips about how to:

  • Customize Your WordPress Blog
  • Optimize Your Blog for SEO
  • Monetize your Blog


Creating a blog is not that hard you need to follow few easy steps & bingo… the hard pert is having the patience to create content & continue providing unique & quality content online for your audience.

the Internet today is the gate to the word that allow people to share thought and ideas about what is going on around then there are plenty of tools to help you create content but most of them will only help you when you pay them, so try to master content writing and be a pro in the digital world.

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